Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Labour Union demands

Labour Union LO, which was the new socialist government's sponsor in the election, has made urgent demands to the parties forming the coalition.
  • Employees who get sacked should have the right to stay in their position while challenging the decision in court
  • Reverse legislative change in overtime work
  • Higher unemployment benefits, including holiday pay
  • A law guaranteeing everyone under 25 a job
  • Develop CO2-"free" power plants fuelled on natural gas
  • Labour union leaders should have access to view everyone's salary
  • Double the subsidies to the labour unions (from $300/member/year)
The guaranteed work or education to everyone under 25 is likely to be the most controversial of these, although the demands have clearly been tailor-made to unite the three coalition parties. It would come as a surprise if the demands are not met.

By making these demands before the current government has officially resigned, Labour Union leader Gerd-Liv Valla (left) has shown her intentions to influence the day-to-day business of the new government, and use her influence to change its policy.


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