Friday, September 23, 2005

NOK 30m for 100 meters

Although this sounds too crazy to be true, both NRK and Aftenposten report that the leaders of the three socialist parties have negotiated directly with one of Norway's richest individuals, and agreed that the government buys his house for his asking price, NOK 30m. The house in central Oslo has a 100 meters long beach that shall be open to the public.

They didn't exactly go through normal channels but negotiated directly with the buyer. It is outside all normal practises for government acquisitions, and a very bad presedence if you want to eliminate all possibilities for corruption. And at NOK 300,000 per meter it's just an incredibly populist move from the new government. The opposition is going to feast on this, I'm quite sure. If this is a signal of what will come with the new government, it is scary.

More to follow later...

Update: The whole area is 54*54 meters, and includes a large classical house. The house needs a full refurbishment. Seller Sven Erik Bakke has been trying to seel this house for at least 6 months, which may indicate that the price is too high.

Update: - This is not an expense, just an investment, said Socialist Left leader Kristin Halvorsen during the press conference.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand fully how communist party leader Kristin Halvorsen can claim "This is not an expense", what she probably means is that she and her group plan on taxing everyone with a nickle to poverty during this period, so the money, from their point of view, is just "lended" temporarily..

Blogger Fjordman said...

Cool blog. I will keep an eye on it :-)

Blogger mediekritikk said...

The beach is 60.5 meter long, not 100.

Anonymous Hans Henrik Lichtenberg said...

What are the reason to buy the house?


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