Friday, September 30, 2005

Norwegian farmes: - We don't care about Africa

Not excactly what they said, but it sure is what they advocate. The Farmers Union stated today that they completely disagree with the African Union, that recently made a statement urging rich countries to stop subsidising the agricultural sector. It is commonly claimed that direct subsidies and export subsidies forces African farmers out of both their own and the European markets.

"This is about the poor farmer, not what government beureaucrats think. We have contact with agricultural organisations in Africa, and they are more concerned with export subsidies than direct subsidies", claimed Bjarne Undheim, leader of the Farmers Union.

The new government is likely to take the Farmers Union view, given the Farmers Party close relationship with the organisation and the socialists' fear of market mechanisms. They seem to prefer building a high wall, throwing some crumbles over whenever there is a famine on the telly.


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