Wednesday, October 19, 2005

- Kindergarden teachers are the best leaders

The appointment of Heidi Grande Roys as "minister of renewal of public sector", has attracted criticism for leading business leaders. This blog doesn't find it very surprising at all, after all the socialist government only promise is not to renew public sector over the next 4 years. Under the chapter "Renewing and modernising public sector" they promise to remove freedom to choose, give labour unions more influence and cementing old structures. This is probably the reason why they changed the department's name from Department of modernisation, too....

The teachers' union is mad at the business leaders for laughing at Ms. Roys' appointment. Not very surprising, being leftwinged and supporting a fellow teacher. Labour union leader Mr. Folkestad claims that "People working with kids all day are the best leaders, and certainly know how to work in a rapidly changing environment". If that is the case, why hasn't the teacher's union came up with a new idea for decades?


Blogger Jarle Petterson said...

Trade unions will be trade unions, whose defence of own members’ distinction should come as no surprise. By George, it’s their frigging job. The day union leaders start depreciating their members’ worth, will be the day they’re up for a good old sack.

In all honesty, the surprise surprises me. Then again, that’s what surprises are for, wouldn’t you say?

Blogger VamPus said...

Well, with THAT government you'd better get a kindergarten-teacher to take care of them...


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