Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Socialist government befriends dictators

The new government's program states that "Norwegian aid shall not be available to programs that demands liberalisation and privatisation. [...] There shall be no demands for privatisation to erase debt." According to Morgenbladet this is full support to evil oppressors in poor countries, where human rights or civil liberties are not high up on the agenda.

Thanks to Gili T for this one.


Anonymous Erik Strand said...

Why should the Norwegian government not befriend dictators? Norway is "The last Sovjet Republic" where 10 000 citizens are subjected to coersive hospitalisations each year! Relative to population numbers this dwarfs the number of coersive hospitalisations in any Western European country, and we have got some real nasty cases where citizens who have disclosed corruption in Norway have been labelled as mentally ill and drugged. More about human rights violations in Norway can be read at the human rights organisation FAMPOs web pages http://home.no.net/fampo


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