Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Socialists want to control businesses

Karl Erik Schott-Pedersen, who is likely to become head of the Labour Party's parliamentary group, stated yesterday that the new government will reinstate a law to control companies' mergers, acquisitions and layoffs. The announcement was made during a televised debate.

specifically, the new government wants to reinstate "ervervsloven", or loosely translated Acquisitions Act. The law states that companies buying property or another company have to report to this to the government, which can block any purchase of any Norwegian company.

The law was first in place from 1995 to 2001, at an estimated cost to businesses of NOK200m. Of the 2000 acquisition cases considered by the government, none were blocked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fy fan ass. Er det mulig? Denne bloggen fortjener ikke å bli "flamet" engang.

Blogger mediekritikk said...

Penger spiller jo ingen rolle, de kan man jo bare ta fra "de som allerede har nok".

Anonymous Jon Martin said...

Til du som er så tøff anonym poster: Skjerpings. Selv om du ikke er enig i det som blir skrevet, er innleggene sitert med kilder, og gir uttryk for forfatterens meninger -- som enhver god blogg burde gjøre. Debatter heller på et saklig grunnlag enn å slenge ut dustekommentarer.


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